Things To Know When Preparing For A Move

Moving house is one of the biggest generators of stress in one’s life. There are so many things that can go bad, that there’s no wonder most people avoid moving at all costs. However, if you must move, you can lower the stress and anxiety by preparing your move in great detail. This article shows you what you need to consider before the big day of the move.

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The first thing to know is that you’ll need to plan your move a few months in advance. This means you’ll require a detailed planning starting back from Day D to the day when you’ll need to take your first action. For instance, if you agree with the movers to come on a specific date and you need three days to pack all your stuff, this means that you need to have all cardboard boxes at least three days before that date. Furthermore, if you need to give one month notice to cancel your agreements with local suppliers, you should calculate the date when you’ll have to notify them of the services agreement termination.

Preparing for a move also requires you to weed through your stuff and decide what stays and what goes. Give away all clothing items you no longer wear, as well as other useless stuff you may have been piling up for years. There’s no point in packing and moving all these things, as this will unnecessarily inflate your costs.

In addition, you have to resist the temptation to stuff everything in plastic bags and load them into the truck, hoping everything is going to be fine. First of all, plastic bags have a shape that takes a lot of space, so you’ll have to hire a bigger truck for your move. Secondly, plastic bags can be torn by sharp edges or various furniture items in the truck. You risk to arrive at your destination with torn bags and with lots of clothing items on the floor of the truck.  

The other important step is to prepare your inventory and your labeling system. If you don’t label your boxes properly, you’re going to have huge problems at your destination, because unpacking will turn into a real nightmare. You have to think about the items you’re going to need as soon as you arrive, and make sure you pack them separately, you label them properly, and you instruct the movers to store them in an accessible   place. The last thing you want is to arrive into a house full of boxes and to realize you need something which is in the bottom box of a huge pile. you can prevent such situations through careful planning of the packing. You can also visit the site

In conclusion, if you want to avoid troubles and stress, you need to plan everything in advance, and have a proper inventory and labeling system. If all these seem too complex, you can always hire a professional moving company to help you plan everything in detail. These movers will provide you with inventory lists, cardboard boxes, labels, and everything else required for a smooth move.

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